Wordplay is Charlottesville’s own live game show. It’s a team-based competition for people who love words, vocabulary, pop culture, history, literature, and showing off how smart they are. It’s also a fundraiser for Literacy Volunteers of Charlottesville/ Albemarle. The game is open to everyone who wants to participate on a team of three. While it is geared for adults, teens should do fine.

Wordplay will be April 27, 2016 and tickets are available now (buy early and buy often)! Learn more about this year’s winners.

Register for Wordplay 2016 Today!

Registration is open for Wordplay 2016, which will take place on April 27 at the Paramount. Click one of the following links to begin the process.

Click here to register and pay for your team.


Click here to create a fundraising page so you can raise money for your team fee.

Go play a little sample game. Note that in the live competition there is a time limit for each question. In the sample, you can take as a long as you want. You need to be able to view Flash movies, and you need sound.

You can also see the quick video our friends at earless rabbit made in 2012.

Wordplay is the opposite of most fundraisers, as every single person in the room is participating the entire time. The teams are competing, but everyone in the audience is playing along, too. Each audience member has their own answer sheets just like the teams. Trust us when we tell you that the vibe in the room is fantastic. The game is fun, entertaining, and challenging. It makes for a great live show that’s really amusing to attend.